the Art of Frank Mazzola Jr. 

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gellobytes:  snippets  (shots) of art that are narrative or abstract by design.  Each piece represent the artist growth as a creator.


gellobytes:  relating to light, shadows, reflections, actions, motions, stillness, moods and moments. 

gellobytes:  Frank enjoys watching jello cubes in 3D space interacting while messing with their soft body physics. 


You may be asking yourself, "If you like jello so much, why not use a name like  jellobytes?"  Good question. Unfortunately the name was taken on social media, okay?  So just use a "j" sound when you say gellobytes. 

Digital Art

Frank took the pandemic seriously and closed his traditional art studio on May 1, 2020. Unsure of how to continue creating traditional paintings in limited space at home, he decided to return to creating digitally. Learn more by clicking here.

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Gellobytes1  1080 x1080 p

mp4 video 

3 GracesNFT  1920 x 1920 

mp4 video 

Hey Over Here 1080 x 1080

mp4 video 

Art Critics 1080 x 1080

mp4 video 

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Looping here but not necessarily when/if minted  

as an NFT. 

© Copyright 2021 by Frank Mazzola Jr. All Rights Reserved.

Traditional Art

Sample of traditional oil paintings created from 2007-2020. 

© Copyright 1986 - 2021 by Frank Mazzola Jr. All Rights Reserved.