the Art of Frank Mazzola Jr.

Digital Art

What does return to digital art mean? In 1995, Frank wrote the children's book Counting is for the Birds published in 1997 (still in print.)  Back then, creating illustrations digitally was a fairly new concept but his publisher thought I was a terrific idea since Frank designed, laid out, and delivered a print ready book on multiple CDs. 

Fast forward to downloading Blender (an open source 3D/2D creation tool)  in June of 2020 and doing the famous BlenderGuru donut tutorial on Youtube.  Learn more  @  BlenderGuru.

Fast forward again; In March of 2021, when a tweet from @BloomJrArt about NFTs blew Frank's mind. 


Thank you @BloomJrArt for introducing me to the NFT community. Check out BloomJrArt here .

You can learn about NFT art here

Frank's journey into the NFT space will be public. Please follow him on social media. Use this link .

Occasional announcements and updates will happen on too.

A brief history:


BA Studio Art, College of Wooster

Advisors George Olson, Walter Zurko,  Thalia Gouma-Peterson


Illustrated the Ocean Alphabet Book 


Graphic Designer for BBG a leader (at the time) of business graphics and slide creation for corporations including Fidelity & Reebok. BBG used an all digital workflow using both Mac and PC platforms.

1991 - 2001

Owner of Rd Design, specializing in business graphics, desktop publishing, and illustration.

1995 - 2002

Wrote and illustrated Counting is for the Birds, a Teachers Choice winner & Young Hoosiers Book Award finalist. Illustrated The Crayon Counting Book, a Children's Choice selection, & collaborated on several books with Rob Bolster


1999 - 2002

Co-founder of Jennings Pond LLC & its book imprint Dancing Star Books using brands including Cheerios,  PF Goldfish, Froot Loops and Necco Sweethearts. We created titles for our distribution partner, HarperCollins Publishers. 

2002 - 2017

Stay at home parent.  During this time Frank painted traditionally while keeping his eye on the digital space. In 2010 he created a children's app called iSee123 - A Counting Adventure - a New & NoteWorthy pick in the Apple App store, June 2010. He also coached several of his son's sport teams, volunteered for countless school events, wrote articles for the PTA,  supported his wife's career with words of encouragement like "Nice!"  "You're wearing that?"  or texting "When will you be home?" @ 4 in the afternoon.  

2014 - 2020

Painted at his studio in West Concord MA. Housed in an old converted mill, Frank shared studio space with the talented Astrid Behnam. Artist William Quigley once painted in their studio. On meeting Frank, William said, "Man you can paint."


Still creating and still learning. Exploring the NFT community, crypto currency and trying to understand what block-chain technology is all about. 

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